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I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and when the political turmoil started in early 2014 in Kiev it really hit close to home. I saw first hand how it affected the lives of my relatives and friends with high inflation migration and instability. I had just had my little girl and as I was holding her and buying her toys and clothes I thought to mysef how hard it must be for state funded agencies to be able to take care of the needy. Children in orphanages already go thru so much hardships that their lives should not be affected by the outside political struggles. Their job is to grow, learn, be healthy and happy and not worry abouth being warm, or hungry or having a place to sleep. I knew I had to do something to help them even if it was just a little bit. I contacted the orphanage "Berezka" located in Kiev that houses primarily children ages 0-4 with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. However, due to the situation in the country many orphanages are accepting chidlren beyond capacity and Berezka being no exception. On average they have about 70 chidlren ages 0 to 8 years old with varying degrees of disabilities from down syndrome, to paralyzed, and to psychological traumas.


At first I packed up a lot of my baby's things which she grew out of, or we never used as well as went to the store to buy diapers, clothes and food item and sent them over. And since I just had my daughter not too long ago  I belonged to a wonderul " new mommies" group on social media and created a post about my intention of sending over donations. The post had wonderful responses and I was able to get quite a few items to send over again. Now, every couple of month I collect, package and send over packages of donations. The Foundation is a non-profit public charity 503(c)(1) Organization as of October 2015.  All donations are tax deductible. The long journey of becoming a recognized public charity under the IRS creates many more opportunities for fundraising and hopes of expanding the reach of the Foundation. The main goal of the Every Kid Matters Foundation is to give every child an opportunity to be a child and learn the world around them from the eyes of a child without worrying about basic necessities that chidlren should not worry about. Thank you to everyone for your support! 

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